Municipal Law

Special Assessments and User Fees

Attorneys at Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho, P.L.C. (CMDA) have extensive experience assisting municipalities throughout the state in a wide variety of special assessment projects. Our attorneys advise clients with the establishment of special assessment districts for various public improvements, including police/fire protection, sewer systems, water systems, road maintenance and construction, road lighting systems, sidewalks, garbage collection, and public parks. Our legal services involve guiding clients through the initial special assessment process, drafting all necessary resolutions required by Act 188 of the Public Acts of 1954, assuring all public hearing and notice requirements are satisfied, and defending special assessment challenges brought under the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

Further, our Firm assists municipal clients with establishing user fee systems and reviewing their existing user fee systems. Our attorneys are knowledgeable on the permissible rate structure, collection, and enforcement options available for user fee systems and equitable cost-based structures