Employment and Labor Law

Union Negotiations and Labor Contract Administration

Attorneys at Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho, P.L.C. (CMDA) negotiate collective bargaining agreements for governmental entities, including without limitation contracts for police, firefighters, laborers, dispatchers, supervisors, managers, and administrative staff. Our goal is to facilitate a cooperative partnership between our clients and their various unions for optimum results using an interest-based bargaining approach. We attempt to identify the real underlying concerns of the parties through joint problem solving. Our skilled negotiators offer innovative “out of the box” approaches to matters such as health insurance, pensions, and buy-outs, which have recently been of prominent concern to our clients. These skills traverse to both the public and private sector to offer a broad range of solutions and options while developing negotiation strategies with management. We take a tough line approach when necessary and successfully implement last best offers after bargaining to impasse.

CMDA assist clients with achieving their objectives in all aspects of collective bargaining and contract administration, including:

  • Collective bargaining strategy development,
  • Chief spokesperson,
  • Mediation representation,
  • Interest based bargaining,
  • Contract interpretations,
  • Grievance arbitrations,
  • Strike and related legal matters, and
  • Public relations issues.