Attorney Represents Former Detroit Lions in Negotiations

Jim Acho, attorney for former Detroit Lions Ernie Clark, is pleased to announce that after several months of negotiating, Mr. Clark is the new spokesman for Health Alliance Plan (HAP). HAP is a non-profit health plan based in Detroit that provides health care coverage to 570,000 members. Mr. Clark followed up a Big 10 run at Michigan State with a career as a linebacker with the Detroit Lions from 1961-1968 (and the St. Louis Cardinals in 1969-1970). 
A few years ago Mr. Clark found himself out of shape and suffering from ill health. He had limited energy and, like many seniors, was taking more and more medications. It was then he developed a unique workout regiment done entirely while sitting in a chair. His exercise program began to take off as word spread through Mr. Clark’s appearances at convalescent centers, nursing homes and assisted living centers. Participants reported improved health, increased vitality and the demand for him as a speaker grew. HAP learned of the success of his program, and now he will be pitching HAP and his exercise program to seniors across the state, and hopefully one day soon, the entire country.
Mr. Clark explains that “I was honored to be represented by Jim Acho and his father Ron. Both took the time to understand my needs and come up with a strategy. Jim was very aggressive in going after what my company wanted, but not too aggressive as to upset the apple cart. They did a heck of a job for me, and I consider myself a lifelong client.”
According to Jim, “The best part about all this is that Ernie Clark is one of the kindest, warmest human beings.” He has worked tirelessly promoting his program and now, with the assistance of HAP, seniors throughout the state can benefit from its results.