Attorney Jim Acho Nominated to Run for Executive Director of NFL Players Association

On Saturday January 3, 2015, Jim Acho, a senior attorney in our Livonia office, received a letter signed by numerous retired NFL players, including Hall of Famers, informing him that he was their nominee to challenge DeMaurice Smith for the NFL Players Association Executive Director position. A conference call followed and, with time of the essence, Acho accepted within 24 hours and declared his candidacy to the Executive Committee of Player Representatives.

Acho explained, “I am honored that the retired players think enough of me to ask me to run, and, as a result, I accepted.” He added, “I will do the very best I can to push the main agenda, which is long-term health care for the players. Hopefully the players will consider it enough of a pressing issue to vote for me. My promise to them is that I will get it done.”