Acho Interviewed by Law360 Magazine on Deflategate Case

Jim AchoJim Acho, a senior attorney in our Livonia office, was interviewed by Law360 Magazine regarding the Tom Brady Deflategate issue and professional athletes’ options in federal court. The article, Even in Deflategate Pro Athletes’ Court Protection Limited, outlines how federal courts have recently played a large role in professional athletes’ employee disputes as NFL players Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson have both appealed league discipline to the courts. Brady is appealing a four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate, in which underinflated New England Patriots’ footballs were used during a playoff game. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the suspension.

Acho explained, “It is common in business for employees to enter into agreements with employers to submit all disputes to arbitration. It is viewed as a less-costly and more efficient way to resolve issues. It avoids the costly nature of litigation and the delays that come with it. The process is cheaper to both parties and you can get a ruling quicker usually. The catch to this is … that the arbitration ruling is final and cannot be reviewed.”

The article appears in the August 12 edition online and the September 1 print edition of Law360 Magazine. For more of Jim’s takes on the issue, click here (must be a subscriber):