Protecting Your Family in an Auto Accident

Bob Blamer 2016When you buy insurance for your automobile, you want to protect those in your car as much as a known person in another vehicle if someone is seriously injured.  Michigan no-fault insurance companies are doing what they can to reduce coverage for your loved ones, even though you are paying for full insurance protection.  Some insurance companies are employing a step-down auto insurance clause, which is a provision that applies when one family member pursues a compensation claim against another family member arising out an automobile crash.

The purpose of the step-down clause is to reduce the liability coverage to the state-required minimum if a family member is at fault for a crash and another family member is injured.  For example: you and your spouse are traveling in your vehicle and you lose control of your vehicle by negligence.  You have liability insurance in the amount of $300,000.  Under the step-down clause, the liability coverage is reduced to the state-minimum of $20,000 for your spouse.

Many families don’t find out about the step-down clause in their policy until it is too late.  Michigan no-fault insurance companies that have step-down clauses should be avoided.   Some of the companies using such clauses include Progressive, Farm Bureau, Geico and Grange, just to name a few.

Talk to your agent about your policy.  These step-down provisions are hard to find in the policy, and you should make specific inquiry to your agent to see if your policy has such a provision.  If it does, adjust your policy to ensure adequate protection is provided to protect your loved ones.

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