Land Owner has a Higher Duty than an Injured Party

Bob Blamer 2016In a recent case, a woman fell and injured her back when brick and mortar steps beneath her crumbled.  The land owner brought, and was awarded, a summary disposition dismissing the case at the trial level.

Upon appeal, the Court of Appeals held that the land owner has an actual duty to take reasonable steps to prevent dangerous conditions, which could include the duty to inspect.  However, an injured party’s duty is only to use ordinary intelligence and casual observation while walking across a parking lot or store’s floor.  The success of an injured party in these types of cases requires an attorney to be well versed in this area of law and know how to educate and prepare a client so as to defeat the Defendant’s attempt to have the case dismissed.

Robert L. Blamer is an equity partner in our Livonia office where he focuses his practice on plaintiff’s personal injury and litigation.  He assists clients with many types of negligence actions, workers’ compensation claims, and social security disability claims.  He has handled, resolved and taken to trial many cases with tremendous success not only in Michigan but throughout the country.  His trial experience includes automobile negligence, complex professional negligence, products liability and complicated plane crash matters.