CMDA Now Handles Patents

Michael Cummings, attorney, Little Falls , NJ. 04/25/2016 Photo by Steve Hockstein/HarvardStudio.comWe are pleased to announce the addition of Patent Law services to the Firm’s established intellectual property practice group. Michael O. Cummings, an experienced and skillful Patent Law attorney, has joined our Firm. Mr. Cummings understands and appreciates the importance of Patents for commercial success. Patents are valuable assets, and he is committed to protecting them for our clients.

CMDA strives to provide clients with the strongest and broadest intellectual property protection and adding the services of a Patent Law attorney is a natural fit. While we have handled a comprehensive range of legal services relating to trademarks, copyrights, domain names, and trade secrets for many years, Patent Law was one area we would refer to attorneys outside our Firm. This is no longer the case as we can now efficiently provide clients with the services of a Patent Law attorney in-house.

Mr. Cummings graduated with honors from Columbia University School of Law in 1994 and has distinguished himself at two of the largest law firms in the world. He is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and works with domestic and international clients across all industries. Mr. Cummings has handled patent matters in New York, Michigan, California, Texas and Delaware.

He provides clients a full range of Patent Law services, including:

  • Preparing and negotiating patent licenses
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting United States and international patent applications
  • Researching and writing opinion letters on patent issues
  • Preparing concise, effective patent claims
  • Conducting due diligence investigations of patent portfolios
  • Litigating patent disputes in court, on appeal, or in arbitration
  • Writing and answering cease and desist letters
  • Working closely with clients on invention disclosures and records of invention

Developing and implementing a suitable intellectual property strategy is critical to the growth of a business. Regardless if your innovative idea is big or small, it is important to have an attorney you can trust with the knowledge and skill necessary to protect it.

Please contact CMDA to further discuss how attorneys in our intellectual property practice group can assist and protect the growth of your business.  Mr. Cummings can be reached at (973) 256-4580 or