Grant Wins Defamation Case for Michigan Sheriff

Greg Grant, an attorney in our Traverse City office, recently obtained a dismissal in a defamation case filed against a Michigan sheriff.  The plaintiff in the case ran against the incumbent sheriff during the last election.  The plaintiff claimed that the sheriff made numerous defamatory statements to others regarding the plaintiff’s background and qualifications during the campaign.

Through discovery, Mr. Grant was able to demonstrate that any statements made by the sheriff about the plaintiff were either absolutely true or not capable of defamatory meaning.  The circuit court agreed and dismissed the plaintiff’s lawsuit with prejudice prior to trial.

Mr. Grant subsequently filed a motion against the plaintiff seeking an award of all costs and attorney fees for having to defend the case.  The court found the plaintiff’s lawsuit to be frivolous under Michigan law and ordered the plaintiff to pay all of the sheriff’s costs and attorney fees since the inception of the case.

Mr. Grant can be reached at (231)922-1888 or