Acho’s Run for NFLPA Executive Director Position Ends

Jim Acho’s run to become the next executive director of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) ended Sunday evening as DeMaurice Smith was reelected to a third term.

Two months ago when several retired NFL players nominated him to run for the executive director position, Mr. Acho explained, “I am honored that the retired players think enough of me to ask me to run. I will do the very best I can to push the main agenda, which is long-term health care for the players. Hopefully the players will consider it enough of a pressing issue to vote for me. My promise to them is that I will get it done.”

While Mr. Acho came short of his ultimate goal, he has already been contacted by representatives from the NFLPA who are interested in adopting some of his policies on long-term health care benefits for retired players. “If we can get some things done for retired players or regarding long-term health care for all players, then it’s not a total loss,” Acho said today.

Mr. Acho would like to thank his clients and friends for their support and kind words throughout his entire run.