Estate Planning and Elder Law

Guardianships and Conservatorships

Proper planning for an estate can include designating a family member or friend as your agent with a financial power of attorney and a medical advocate for you to assist in financial and medical decisions should you become unable to handle these affairs on your own. If a family member is unable to make financial or health care decisions due to medical conditions, a seriously illness, Alzheimer’s disease or something similar, a friend, family member, or even a neighbor can be appointed as a guardian and or conservator to help. Our attorneys are experienced in assisting families in the process of having a guardian and conservator appointed to help the family member (also referred to as a “ward”). A guardian makes important decisions regarding the health and maintenance, while a conservator manages the finances of the ward. After a guardian and conservator have been appointed, our attorneys will assist the guardian and conservator to ensure they fulfill their legal obligations to the ward.