Community Association Law

Assessment Collections

Condominium and Homeowners’ Associations are non-profit corporations, which are funded solely by dues/assessments that are paid by its members. When one member does not pay his or her fair share, the rest of the members are unfairly forced to shoulder the burden of the Association’s operational costs. It is unjust for the other joint property owners, who have not done anything wrong and have no involvement whatsoever in the defaulting co-owner’s failure to pay, to make up the difference.

CMDA attorneys will evaluate the delinquent member, determine if there are assets and examine all of the various options for pursuing the delinquent member, and then advise the board members and the Association’s manager the best course of action.

Whether it is a payment plan, foreclosure or garnishing wages, CMDA attorneys are well experienced to aggressively, efficiently and successfully guide our clients through the entire litigation process. The Michigan Condominium Act and most condominium bylaws allow for an Association to recover the attorney’s fees and costs that are incurred in pursuing collections. CMDA attorneys handle all aspects of collection activities that range from the initial demand letter, recording a lien for unpaid assessments, assessment lien foreclosures, filing a complaint for a money judgment, bankruptcy issues and lien priority issues.